This work is a new alternative of audio guides which I assemble specifically for group exhibitions, such as in the KOGART Gallery in Budapest. In this project the artists have a chance to describe, add something extra to or even expand their work to help the viewers to reach the core of their piece.

The whole idea is to skip all the added layers and reasoning coming from the outside of the creative process and to communicate directly with the audience. It is not an art historian telling stories and putting the works in context but the authors themselves “commenting” on them. My role is to invite the exhibitors to take part in my piece by asking them to create their own guide tracks. As a final result it is going to be me, an artist, rather than an art historian who will interfere with everybody’s work and so with the exhibition in general.

I have set up only two simple “rules” for the participants regarding the audio pieces. First of all, it can not be longer than 5 minutes. The second – and more important – criteria was that whatever the sound is that they give me, it has to be according to their own decision (their own voice, noises, explanation of work, quotation, recording, music etc.).

I do not edit the sounds in any way; they are presented as the artists send it to me. The audio files are put on professional audio guide hardware and a sign is put next to the work relating to the track on the guide. The professional nature of the equipments I use is important to emphasize the underlying issues of ART as an institute as well as highlighting the powerful impact of art historians in a “white-cube” situation.

2007 MKE – Intermédia Degree Show
2007 Kogart – Fresh2007